North Wales


Conwy is a medieval town situated in the North of Wales, close to other popular tourist destinations such as Llandudno and Colywn Bay. Conwy overlooks the Irish Sea with stunning views, that rival most other destinations around the country, and on a sunny day you will be left mesmerised. Conwy also has breath taking countryside, along with a great town centre full of shops, local pubs and restaurants. The prices for food and drinks, are just like everywhere else in the UK

It’s a great place to holiday in the UK, and what really sets Conwy apart from other destinations is that it is home to Conwy Castle, this castle is massive and really well kept – walking around the castle, you really get start to feel as if you’ve gone back in time. The castle was built on the orders of Edward I of England, during 1283 and 1289, as part of his conquest of the principality of Wales. The castle also has a small souvenir shop at the front, where you can pick up some small gifts and trinkets to take home.

More recently, Conwy has seen a rise in foreign tourist visiting, there is a real hassle and bustle around the castle which really brings some lift to the area.

If you’re not in to castles (although, you’d struggle to find someone not impressed by this castle), then Conwy also has claim to the smallest house in Great Britain.


There is usually a queue to enter the house, and as you can imagine due to the size of the house only a handful of people can enter at once.


Llandudno is home to the famous Great Orme, which a small mountain you can walk, drive, take the cable cart or even the tram to the top. During the trip to the top of the Orme you will have the opportunity to take in some amazing views, looking over the the sea front and the Llandudno pier (On a nice day, the water looks ice blue!). At the top of the Orme, there is numerous activities to get involved in such as dry slope skiing, a toboggan styled slide which I must add is great fun for adult and kids alike. You’ll also be happy to know that there is a pub/resturant at which hosts great views to look out over the Llandudno whilst you have a drink or a bite to eat. Theres also some arcade machines and games to keep the kids happy, along with a jungle gym outdoor play area for those sunny days.

Along with being home to the Great Orme, Llandudno also has an ever so popular pier which is a great hit with most children. Theres numerous shops, and cafes along the coast and beach area. The beach gets quite popular in the summer months, as it’s a tourist and local hotspot.

As well both Conwy and Llandudno, there are loads of great places in North Wales off the beaten track, it’s up to you and go and find them now!

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