A Quick Guide to Finding Discounted Airline Tickets


Thanks to the internet, booking flights has become easier than ever. Instead of heading to your local travel agent, a trip around the world is now literally a couple of clicks away. Despite this, it seems like all too often we end up paying more for the flights than we’d anticipated.

We’ve all had friends or family who’ve somehow managed to book a holiday for seemingly the same cost as a tin of baked beans, yet when we come to booking, the prices seem to be through the roof.

Well, enough is enough, it’s time you got your hands on some discounted tickets. So, here’s a quick guide to finding them.

Search in Secret

You may have noticed that after browsing flights a number of times that the prices only seem to increase, this is no coincidence.

Analysing the cookies in your browser, flight prices begin to increase, particularly when the same route is repeatedly searched for.

This is frustrating at the best of times, especially because in order to find the best deals, it is important to check every option available.

A way to combat this is to always search for flights in private browsing. All of the browsers have their own version of this, either called “incognito” or “private”. Always remember to use these when booking flights.

To read more on how cookies can increase the cost of flight prices and other things such as insurance deals, take a look at this article from The Guardian.

Book Early

We spoke to cheap flights website, Globehunters about whether booking early actually makes a difference to ticket prices. They said, “Things used to be the complete opposite with cheap tickets.”

“The cheapest flights were always last minute deals because airlines simply wanted to ensure their planes were full. However, these last minute cheap deals are becoming increasingly scarce.”

“In the current climate, people are rewarded for booking early. Even booking as close as 6-7 weeks before the flight date can make a difference, so it’s well worth doing if you tend to plan your holidays months in advance.”

Use Your Flight Points

It’s fair to say that credit card perks are better than ever and one of the greatest perks is air miles. A number of different cards generate air miles via a points-based system, similar to supermarket club cards.

The routes and destinations are limited to long-haul flights from the UK, so you’ll need to be heading to the likes of New York, Cape Town, Sydney or Dubai to qualify. If you head to these destinations a few times per year or more, air miles are an absolute MUST!

To learn more about air miles and the credit cards which offer them, take a look at this article from The Telegraph.

Fly With Budget Airlines

Depending who you regularly fly with, you might not realise just how significantly cheaper budget airlines can be over their full-service counterparts.

If you are only flying a few hours and can live with slightly reduced legroom, going for a budget airline really is a no-brainer.

You can find a list of the budget airlines currently operating in Europe by taking a look at this post on WikiTravel.

However, if you do choose to go with a budget, there are a couple things to be aware of:

  • Always read the small print. Some airlines like Ryanair will charge you for not printing out your own boarding pass before arriving at the airport.

  • Double check the airport locations before booking, especially if you are heading to a destination you’ve never visited before. Sometimes budget airlines operate with airports slightly further away from your destination.

  • Make sure that your luggage doesn’t weigh more than the limit, otherwise you may be slapped with a hefty fine.

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