Sevilla is situated in Andalucía, and is often considered one of the hottest places in Europe, in the summer. The Spanish refer to Sevilla as ‘hell’ due to the heat! Sevilla is one of the picturesque, and most traditional places in Spain, without a doubt. If you’ve ever watched a movie set in Spain, you would see traditional flowers, women in flamenco dresses and bull fighting – Sevilla is not too far of this, I’d say personally, it fits the stereotype many would have of Spain. This isn’t no British colony like many places along the the coasts of Spain.

Sevilla is a large city, with tourist from all over the world visiting. You’ll notice more Americans here than most other places in Spain, I’m not sure why (probably because it sums Spain up pretty well) – but a lot of Americans  seem to study at the local University.

If you love food, like me! then Sevilla will certainly not disappoint. With many fine dining restaurants situated all around the city, you will be spoilt for choice. Although, I highly recommend one of the many local tapas bars, which are scattered all over the place. Beers, or should I say cerveza’s are cheap, and sometimes even come with a small sandwiches for €1.50. The cheapest price for a beer I have found in Sevilla is €0.50! Remember most places in Spain don’t normally serve pints, but rather ‘cañas’, which are like half pints. This never made sense to me at first, but asking some locals there is a very good reason for this – you don’t want your beer to go warm! If you want recommendations for tapas bars you visit, I highly recommend a typical dish called solomillo al whiskey (a pork tenderloin in whisky sauce).

If you’re interested in night clubs, then Sevilla is home to quite a few! although, most of the bigger ones are situated outside the city centre itself, but don’t worry they’re only a short taxi ride away. It’s worth noting that for drinks in the night clubs are more closer to prices back home in the UK (unfortunately for me, I thought I was going to have a real cheap night out!).

The local residents are one of the most friendly Spaniards you’ll meet, although not many locals speak English, most shops in the centre will.

Sevilla, is situated slightly inland, so it doesn’t sport it’s own beach. However, it’s only one hour away on the bus to the nearest beach, called matalascañas. The beach is rather quiet, when you compare it to the likes of Benidorm, it seems a sleepy seaside town, which I love – it’s the perfect place to relax. Although, if you’re looking for something a bit more busier, your not too far from the likes of Cadiz.

Sevillas location is ideal for anyone that wants to see some sights, off the beaten track and what I can only describe as the real Spain, it’s not like anywhere else in Spain! However, it doesn’t stop at Sevilla, due to the ideal location of Sevilla then you’re only a short journey away from Grenada, Gibraltar, Cadiz and even the Algarve in Portugal, and the best thing… there are direct coaches/bus to most of these locations!

So, what can you see in Sevilla? well, some of the most famous sights would be that they’re home to the third largest Cathedral in the world which is a spectacular sight, you must see to believe the sheer size and beauty. Sevilla is also home of the Alcázar of Seville, the royal palace and it’s gardens which will leave you breathless from pure awe. If bull fighting is your thing, then they have a large bull ring and tickets are usually easy to get hold of, however they’re not cheap! One of the more amazing things you can experience in Sevilla is la feria de Sevilla which is one of the largest traditional festivals that takes place in Spain. It’s fill with flamenco, horses, alcohol and a great party atmosphere. But, be aware this festival only takes place once a year around the beginning of of April.

If you’re a movie buff, then you’ll want to visit Plaza de España, it’s been used in many films such as Star Wars and Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator. Even if you’re not a movie buff, I’d suggest you visit – it’s a must see whilst you’re in Sevilla.

I can’t recommend Sevilla enough, in fact it’s not just one of my favourite places in Spain, I’d say one of my favourite in all of Europe.

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