5 Reasons to Choose Turks and Caicos For Your Next Holiday

5 Reasons to Choose Turks and Caicos for Your Next Holiday

A holiday destination with more islands to choose from than some countries have attractions to visit, here are just 5 top reasons to choose Turks and Caicos for your next vacation.


  1. A Treasure Trove of Attractions

Turks and Caicos is a truly unique place with some awe-inspiring sights and experiences to enjoy whilst there.

From its iconic Light House poised on the Island of Grand Turk and laying claim to the world’s best beach to its National Museum and awe-inspiring Conch Bar Caves, whatever it is you look for in a dream holiday it is likely you will find it in TCI.

Then, for those interested in learning more about these attractions as well as many others worth visiting whilst in TCI, head over to the Turks and Caicos Islands Tourism website.


  1. Dive into Some Serious Water Sports

From snorkelling to scuba diving and kayaking to paddle boarding, if it is water sports and activities that you look forward to whilst holidaying (or would just like to give a go on your next holiday), TCI is the ideal holiday destination for you.

Boasting year round sun and warm crystal clear waters, not only are its oceans a far cry from those surrounding Britain in terms of temperature; TCI is in fact home to one of the world’s largest barrier reef systems, is visited annually by migrating humpback whales and when its visitors aren’t enjoying the astounding and diverse mix of sea life populating its pristine waters they can instead chase mermaids (yes, you did read that right) via a Caicos Mermaid Adventure.

To join them, book into the aptly named Blue Haven Resort which is partnered with eco-tour operator and water sports and activity specialists Big Blue Unlimited and you can guarantee your TCI holiday will prove a truly unique water sports or activity orientated holiday.



  1. The World’s Best at The Best Price

It is no longer much of a secret that Turks and Caicos is home to the best beach on the planet. The Trip Advisor Traveller Choice Awards have after all voted TCI’s Providenciales located Grace Bay Beach the world’s best numerous times in recent years.

It is still somewhat of a secret though that those hoping to take a trip to TCI and walk along the best loved and coveted shore on earth can do so whilst staying in a luxury resort situated on the cusp of the world’s best beach and all for some of the best prices offered in Turks and Caicos by opting to book into the Alexandra Resort, which offers supreme suites and amenities whilst managing to also remain ‘The best value of all the Turks and Caicos Resorts’. Don’t believe it? Visit the Alexandra website to see for yourself, and get booking.


  1. Natural Wonders and Awe Inspiring Sites

Being spread over 40 separate islands and cays studding the tropical waters of the Caribbean, the ecology and landscapes found on TCI are truly unique and have resulted in it being awash with exotic mango groves, caves, coves and a wealth of awe inspiring natural attractions nowhere else on the planet can lay claim to. Hence, for explorers, families looking for adventure or just those suffering an incurable case of wonder lust, TCI is likely to provide so much more than just a great summer holiday.

The majesty of Mudgin Harbour which is home to iconic Dragon Island, pleasure provided by gazing out over Flamingo Pond Overlook and spying a host of vivid pink flamingos in their natural habitat or a moment spent staring about Conch Bar Caves is likely to stay with a person for a lifetime, colour their understanding of the world about them and leave an imprint no week spent drinking cheap cocktails on many of the beaches closer to home is likely to result in.

To learn more about the enigmatically and kookily named natural wonders mentioned above, head over to the Visit TCI website.


  1. The Grub

TCI cuisine is such a refreshing and vibrant mix of sea foods, exotic fruits and luscious vegetation. Living in a real life tropical paradise, the food needn’t be over complicated, made to look arty or get pretentious. Neither do the ingredients used in TCI’s signature dishes need to be flown from half way across the world or given foreign names to make them seem appetising.

Rather, a simple conch salad or quick friend fritter, fresh caught snapper, pineapple salsa or coconut tossed rice is enough to wow most, if only because with so few flavours and such simple ingredients TCI cuisine manages to achieve so much, and does so largely because like its culture, its food is honest, wholesome, colourful and refreshing. Hence, for those looking for gastronomic delight whilst holidaying, TCI makes a delicious destination.

To ensure you get to taste the most delicious dishes whilst there, ensure you book a dinner at another Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Award winning entry: Coco Bistro in Providenciales. Meanwhile for families looking for a great place to eat that doesn’t break the bank or compromise on quality, The Landing is another albeit more laid back place to grab a fantastic burger.

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