Private Island Holiday On a Budget

Ever wanted to stay on a secluded private island, who hasn’t right? most of us think these types of destinations are for the rich and famous, but thats totally not the case! From as little as £14 a night, yes I did just say £14 per night, you can stay in this fabulous budget resort. It really caters for everyone; the backpackers, lone travellers or the family (children club available!). The Beachcomber Resort is situated in Mamanuca Islands in Fiji.

As well as being situated on exotic white sandy beaches, the resort also hosts a pool, pool side bar, sun loungers, entertainment area, miniature golf on site, plus lots more, it’s hard to believe that you have access to all of these facilities in such a desirable location for so little!

Being on a private island, you’ll have have the chance to learn to scuba dive or even snorkel, and also great opportunities for people who are in to surfing and boogie boarding. There is also the chance explorer the other regional attractions close by such as Tivua Island and Vuda Point Marina.

It’s also a good point to mention that staying at the Beachcomber resort, you’ll have access to free wifi. I can honestly stay that the only reason you’ll be using the internet is to show boat and make your friends jealous by sending them pictures and videos of this location whilst they’re doing something laborious – like work.

This is a real adventure for anyone who wants to travel as far away as they can from the UK, explore life on a secluded private island, yet still experience some of the luxuries that one would come to expect from any modern hotel resort. This is a must do adventure.

I have personally stayed within this group of islands and can highly recommend it!

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If you want to read more about my experience, read our Fiji section. Don’t want to take my word for it? have a look at these fellow travellers experience of the Beachcomber Resort.

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