Get Your Dream Horse Riding Vacations for Cheap

Not all riders are aware that their are holidays catered especially for trekking through some of the most wonderful and picturesque landscapes the world has to offer. So, what are the best horse riding vacation spots? well here are some of the most desirable locations we have found – these are adventures that dreams are made of.

Sahara Desert Horseback Riding Holiday

It’s probably the stuff that many horse lovers have dreamt about, galloping along the Sahara Desert on a Arabian horse. Although It can be your reality! Flights to North Africa are relatively cheap, and compatible to that of most European destination, with many budget airlines flying to these destinations. Horse back riding in North Africa is relatively cheap, you’ll not only have the fabouls experience of taking in the spectacular views the Sahara Desert has to offer, but you’ll be learning a new culture, trying new food and you may even learn a few useful equine words in their local language!

Andalusia, Spain Horseback Riding Holiday

In the heart of Spain, Andalusia is famously known for their horsemanship, and it’s home to the Andalusian horse, which is classed as one of the most majestic breeds. Andalusia has many riding holidays that will take riders over the rolling picturesque countryside, and coastlines to match any postcard. Whilst travelling along the coastline you’ll look across the shore and see North Africa in your sights, you’ll be galloping along one of the many gorgeous beaches in windsurfers paradise that is Tarifa. Experience the pinewoods and nature reserves and hidden Spanish villages where you can take a break and grab a drink or bite to eat.

Along with the riding amazing riding experience, it’s also an added benefit that their are regular flights from the UK, and they’re cheap and not forgetting flights are just over two hours from most UK airports.

Nevada, USA

Want to experience the same trails that the cowboys once rode fearlessly across? Then put your cowboy hat on as a horseback riding vacation in Nevada is the spot for you! You’ll be galloping along desert trails that were once covered out by wild mustangs. You’ll take in mountain and desert views that you will have once seen in an old Western movie. This experience will really be something to write home about.

Remember, the US usually opt for the Western riding style, compared to the English style many British riders are most commonly accustomed to.

How To Get The Best Deal?

I strongly suggest booking your flights initially, and then booking your tour. Prices of flights fluctuate daily so getting the cheapest flight should be a priority, compared to riding tours where prices tend to only change seasonal. Below you should find a link we have provided to the cheapest flights available. As with any adventure holiday, it’s best to take out travel insurance, and let your provider know what activities you are taking part in.

Share with us any similar equine holiday experiences you have come across.

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