Situated in the Caribbean lies Cancun, a completely planned and man-made beach resort covering a lagoon to the centre. It’s really popular with Americans, due to it being so close, but it’s becoming ever more and more popular with us Brits. It’s a long haul flight of about eleven hours, so keep that in mind if you’re booking with younger children.

Personally, Cancun is one of my favourite destinations of all times, I’ve visited around four times now and I’d go back again in a heart beat. I think most people that visit Cancun, will enjoy themselves and find themselves in a similar situation to I, wanting to go back again and again! It’s priced a bit more expensive than the likes of European destinations due to the long haul travel. However, when in Cancun I find it much cheaper than most European holiday hotspots.

Cancun is luckily enough to enjoy hot and sunny weather throughout the year, and I’ve found that when it does rain, it tends to come down really bad and then the sun comes out and its back to the blistering heat again. Humidity is high and of course temperatures reach the top end of the spectrum in Cancun, so it’s always important to carry water around with you. Although, most excursions always have a little mini shop on board of any busses or coaches you are travelling on.

Cancun is also a great place for people who want to learn Spanish to study, I myself have done this – there are many schools dotted around Cancun and it’s surrounding areas, and a quick Google will give you some good results, and it’s something a bit different and well worth doing if you’re going to spend a decent amount of time in the area on your vacations – even book your children in!

You’ll never get bored in Cancun, it’s nightlife is ranked highly throughout the world and if partying is your thing, then make sure you travel during the American spring break – you’ll have such a good time, and it’s completely different to what us Brits are used to on our holiday islands. However, this isn’t for the faint hearted, things get wild and crazy!

If partying isn’t your thing then Cancun and it’s surrounding areas are home to the famous Mayans, an ancient civilisation that built some of the most famous structures in history – such as Chi-chen-itza, which is located very close to Cancun, tons of tour operators run numerous tours to the famous pyramid on a daily basis. Experiencing the whole Mayan culture in Cancun is really fascinating and most people will find it enjoyable  whether that be, seeing ruins or watching historic acts played out in front of tourist.

Cancun is catered around tourist, and the amount of different excursions you can do is fantastic, as it caters for all ages and all interest. I myself enjoyed the Xcaret park of Cancun, which hosts cultural, wildlife and water activities – a real good day out for everyone! Cancun has a great waters, and within them waters lie some of the most majestic animals the seas has to offer, you will potentially see wild dolphins swimming freely in the sea. But, if you’re not lucky enough to see them swimming wild, there is lots of opportunities to swim with captive dolphins in many of the parks.

If you’re not interested in a busy holiday, then maybe relaxing by the beach is your thing… you’re in for a treat, Cancun hosts some of the bluest waters I have ever seen and white sandy beaches to go with it. You can’t go far without not coming across a secluded section of the beat. I myself enjoyed taking a small boat ride to Isla Mujres and relaxing on quiet beach.

If you haven’t been to Cancun before, then I highly recommend booking a trip here, it’s a family favourite! and even if you’ve been before, it’s worth going again as there is so much to do and see that one could never get bored.


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