Brisbane is one of the top designations in Australia for travellers to visit. I was lucky enough to have taken a long six week trip to Brisbane (lucky me). I visited in what was called there Winter months, but everyday I was there was sunny and hotter than a hot British summers day (them rare summer days we have).

What first struck me was that Brisbane was kind of a mix match between the UK and the USA, I think it was the high risen skyline, combined with a semi-British culture, yet keeping it’s 100% Aussie-ness, if thats even a word. Everything I had seen on TV that pictured Australia and Aussie life was summed up when I visited one of  the many beaches Brisbane and it’s surrounding areas had to offer… and what that summed up Australians cooking on the barbie at the beach, water sports – most noticeably the amount of surf boards on the beach, this wasn’t something that was just made-up for T.V purposes. The Australians really do love a good barbie, and to hit the waves.

There is so much to do in and around Brisbane that you could never get bored, and I genuinely believe this. You’ve got the gorgeous beaches on the sunshine coast, and surfers paradise if you’re in to lazy days at the beach. Also, hit one of the many surf clubs along the sea front to grab a bite to eat or a drink.

On my first day in Brisbane I took a trip to seaworld, where they had a range of sea life animals – including dolphins. Aswell as getting the chance to swim with dolphins, seaworld also gives it’s visitors the unique experience to go on a helicopter tour. Price wise, it’s expensive, around £50 each but the views of Brisbane that you will get to see are second to none, and a once in a lifetime experience for most people to fly in a helicopter.

Besides for the wonderful exotic countryside, and the golden sandy beaches Brisbane has to offer, they’re also home to Steve Irwin, and although he sadly passed away, his name lives on in his zoo – the Steve Irwin zoo. I, as an animal lover, love zoos, but this zoo was on the next level completely. There was great opportunities to interact with the animals, including crocodiles and big cats. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with a cheetah before the zoo opened to the public. I paid a bit extra for this but if anyone is an animal love, it’s a must have experience.

Just north of Brisbane is home to Fraser Island, a kind of tropical paradise – home to wild dingos and the famous coloured sands, and a crystal clear lake called lake mckenzie. I was lucky enough to be driving along the beach to spot whales emerging out of the water, something you’d see on movies but never imagine to see something so spectacular first hand.

Even just visiting the beautiful malls and shopping plazas in a Brisbane is an experience, one thing that most notably stud out whilst visiting, was how clean and well-kept everything was. I’d highly recommend visiting Brisbane, but be sure to go for a long enough time, so you can recover from travel sickness and leave yourself enough time to see all the sights.

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