An Amazing Tour in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos

A long holiday is coming near. It’s time to plan for an amazing tour. In this case, why don’t you try Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel? These countries are both beautiful and unique. First, there’s Laos. Not many tourists pay attention to this laid-back nation. It’s also considered as a landlocked country. Despite this thing, Laos is a good vacation destination. Many travellers come here for various purposes. Thanks to beautiful night markets, thick forests, vast rice fields, and its culture. Laos is definitely the gateway for tourists.

Exploring Laos and Cambodia

When it comes to a vacation in Laos, Luang Prabang is one of the top destinations. It’s a famous city. You can find many colonial buildings and Buddhist temples. Not to mention you can witness the unique wooden homes of Laos. The name is Lao. Around the city, there are some monks nearby. Near to Luang Prabang, there’s Vientiane. There are the That Luang Stupa and the greatest temple of the country. Do you want more? There’s Mekong River. Having a river journey isn’t a bad idea at all.

The next destination is Cambodia. It’s a neighbor country of Laos and Vietnam. The most well-known tourist lure in Cambodia is Angkor Wat. It was a capital of the Khmer Empire. Angkor becomes one of the best religious sites on this planet. It includes temple complex and the whole construction was built around AD 879. Thanks to Henri Mahout. He rediscovered Angkor Wat in 1860. It’s because the site was lost for centuries through history. What’s next? There’s Bayon. It’s as famous as Angkor Wat.

Bayon is considered as one of the top attractions in Cambodia Laos Tours. What is Bayon, actually? It’s a Buddhist temple. It’s situated in the midst of Angkor Thom. On the walls of this structure, you can see some faces. These bring an awesome impression to tourists. The faces portray the Avalokitesvara. This deity gazes across the forests and temples. When it comes to a nuance, it’s quite mesmerizing. Most of the tourists come here at dawn. They want to enjoy the magical mist in this site.


Visiting Vietnam

Vietnam is the next destination. It’s one of the best countries in Southeast Asia. The best time to visit Vietnam is between February and March. At the first day of your vacation, you must visit Hanoi. It’s famous for its pleasant and sunny environment. Next, you can explore the Ha Long Bay. It’s the best location to enjoy both sunset and sunrise. That means couples can feel a romantic atmosphere here. Do you want more? There’s Sapa Valley. It’s suitable for hiking.

Hoi An also becomes one of the best Vietnam Laos Tours. Make sure that you also visit Saigon. The other name is Ho Chi Minh City. The temperature can be quite hot. You need to be prepared. At least, you should bring soma bottled water with you. Overall, those three countries are located near to each other. You can explore them all. They are worth to visit. Regardless of your experiences, you must learn some vacation tips prior to visiting those beautiful nations. Enjoy!

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